Comedy Live! - Concert Hall (2.0)

  Concert HallThis Sound Library comprises over 100 sound effects ranging from applause through standing ovation to laughter recorded in concert hall auditorium. All in 2.0 stereo.


Concert hall auditorium – a spacious auditorium hall with natural and dark ambience; a wide shot and a relatively narrower surround effect. All reactions were recorded during a two hour performance shown to an audience of 320 viewers. A broad scope of the recorded material as well as its dynamic range meet the requirements of audio materials recorded for film and television. Since all effects are homogenous, they can be easily used in a sequence of audience reactions for post-production purposes. Best for all types of lively entertainment events.

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Audience Add-Ons® Comedy Live! Concert Hall - manual

The manual covers the 5.1 Surround version of the Concert Hall library. Please refer to 2.0 audio specifications.

  S  U  R  R  O  U  N  D     V  E  R  S  I  O  N  

5.1 Surround version of this library (with 2.0 L/R downmix) is available here.

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